Meet the crew


Meet Mikey, aka Slicks, aka Pappa Backbone, aka DAD. Shorty’s scissor slinger, who’s been holding it down since day one. Whether it’s custom hair, bicycles or even a basic sneaker/sock combo the ol’ dawg just doesn’t compromise on quality. His love for attention and detail is what keeps the shop and the Shorty’s family running smooth (like his vocab 😉).


Meet JD, aka J Boogie, aka Boogie the Kid - pushing brooms and slinging shears from day one. Rumoured to have the softest touch going around (coined pillow hands by some). The snot nosed punk kid that made good - we couldn't be prouder of him.


Meet Jake, aka the Jeweller, aka Ol’ Jakey 1-2, aka Järky - busting heads and laying tracks with the shop since ‘18. Rumoured to have given a pro career away as a skater just so he can make your day. Making mum and the shop proud - we don't remember a time B.J (before Jake).